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Brush DC Motors -BDC-21-06-4P Specifications - BDC Series from SL-MTI
SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.,
BDC Series Brush DC Motors for Specialized Applications
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brushless motors, brush motors, induction motors, and controllers from SL Montevideo Technology, Inc. Brushless Motors from SL-MTI
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BDC Series Brush DC Motors for Specialized Applications

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brushless motor drawing

Design Features
  • Extended shelf life processing for reliable first time start up
  • Specialized brush materials for extremely low voltage drop for low voltage operation
  • Mechanical and performance stability at high shock loads and vibrations.
  • Alnico and rare earth magnet materials are used
  • High temperature insulation systems for 180°C environments or higher
  • High altitude operation component design
Customize this Motor
Enter a new voltage and no load speed to view new winding data and new Torque vs. Speed curve
Voltage: V
No Load Speed: RPM
Ambient Temperature: ° C
Operating Temperature: ° C

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Customized Parameters
Supplied Voltage V 28
No Load Speed RPM 8235
Ambient Temperature ° C 25
Operating Temperature ° C 125

Continuous Duty Capability (Approximate)
Size Parameters (Approximate)
Thermal Resistance, tr °C/W 3.5
Max. Continuous Stall Torque, Tcs oz-in 43.77
Motor Constant, Km oz-in/W1/2 9.65
Detent Torque, Tfmax oz-in 2
Inertia, Jm oz-in-S ² X 10 -4 0.7
Weight, housed, W oz 24
Weight, frameless, W oz 24

Winding Data at 28 VDC (Approximate)
Torque Constant, Kt oz-in/A 4.63
Voltage Constant, Ke V/kRPM 3.4
No Load Speed, NLS RPM 8235
Electrical Time Constant, te mS 0.91
Mechanical Time Constant, tm mS 21.5
Resistance at 25°C, Rm Ohm 0.23
Inductance, Lm mH 0.21
Max. Continuous Power Output at 100°C Rise W 229.63
Max. Continuous Torque Output at 100°C Rise oz-in 42.07
Max. Continuous Speed Output at 100°C Rise RPM 7381

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