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Brushless Motors - BLMD Series of DC Motors from SL-MTI
SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.,
BLMD Series
Brushless Medical Series
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brushless motors, brush motors, induction motors, and controllers from SL Montevideo Technology, Inc. Brushless Motors from SL-MTI
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BLMD Series
Brushless Medical Series

SL-MTI's Brushless Medical Series of DC Motors (the BLMD Series) is designed for high performance medical applications. Design features include high torque to inertia ratios, high operating efficiencies, high power densities, and high operating speeds. For medical use, BLMD motors are also designed to withstand autoclave cleaning and sterilization under high steam pressure and temperature conditions. In addition, these motors include custom features as prescribed by respective medical equipment manufacturers. They can be adapted to a broad array of stringent applications.

To find a medical brushless DC motor to best meet your needs, please select one from the list below, or use the Dynamic Web Tool to the right.

medical brushless dc motor
Dynamic Web Tool for Motor Size and Winding Selection
  • Click the model you are interested in below, or use our Search Tool for medical brushless motors to find a motor of correct size.
  • Once a motor has been found to meet your needs, our dynamic web tool allows you to further customize it.
  • Complete the contact form, and your new requirements will be sent to SL-MTI marketing automatically.

Fields of Applications

SL-MTI has designed many of these types of brushless DC motors for use in the following systems:

  • Orthoscopic Surgical Tools
  • Dental Surgical Tools
Design Features
  • Vacuum environments
  • Autoclavable up to 1000 cycles
  • Highest torque and power density in the industry today
  • High torque to inertia ratio
  • Windings optimized for each application
  • High operating efficiency
Brushless Commercial Medical Motors
Model Number Former Model Number Size Parameters
Max. Continuous Stall Torque, Tcs Poles Inertia, Jm Motor Constant, Km Thermal Resistance, tr
oz-in oz-in-S2×10-4 oz-in/Watt½ °C/W
BLMD-09-01-4P BLCM-09 1.76 4 0.28 0.85 16
BLMD-11-01-4P BLCM-11 9.68 4 0.775 4.4 14.8


brushless motors brushless motors
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