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Sensorless BLDC Blower, BWM028D50, from SL-MTI
SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.,
Centrifugal Blower Assembly BWM028D50
Integrated Brushless DC Motor / Drive Assembly
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brushless motors, brush motors, induction motors, and controllers from SL Montevideo Technology, Inc. Brushless Motors from SL-MTI
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Centrifugal Blower Assembly BWM028D50
Integrated Brushless DC Motor / Drive Assembly

Outline Drawing Outline Drawing
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Connection Diagram Connection Diagram
Parameter Unit Value
Input Voltage VDC 20 - 36
Inrush Curent ADC 50
Input Current ADC 3000 RPM 35 ADC
1500 RPM 6 ADC
600 RPM 1.5 ADC
Quiescent Current mADC 100
Operating Temperature °C -40 to 85
Start-Up Time (to 90% of full speed) s 6.5
Speed Out Commutation Frequency × 10
Operating Modes

Mode 1:
+28 VDC on J1-A turns the blower on at 1500±100 RPM. When the air temperature sensor reaches 76.7±3° C (170±5° F), the speed switches to 3000±200 RPM. The blower switches back to 1500±100 RPM when the temperature drops to 68.3±3° C (155±5° F). If the air temperature sensor fails, the blower defaults to the 3000 RPM speed.

Mode 2:
If J1-A optocoupler is off, the blower speed is controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal on J2-A as specified in PWM IN.

Switch IN Signal

The magnitude is the same as input voltage

OFF = < 1mA current flow through J1-A optocoupler input

On = > 5mA current flow through J1-A optocoupler input.

The magnitude is the same as input voltage
Frequency: 1.8 kHz
Speed Control Range: 600 to 3000 RPM
100% Duty Cycle = 3000±200 RPM
60% Duty Cycle = 1800±120 RPM
20% Duty Cycle = 600±40 RPM
0% Duty Cycle = 0 RPM (Off)
Environmental Specifications
  • Withstand the vibration spectra described in MIL-STD-810E Method 514.4 1-3.4.7 Category 8 - Ground Mobile.
  • Withstand a sinusoidal impulse with the following characteristics: 0ms / 0g, 100ms / 5g, 200ms / 0g and settled to 0g by 500ms.
  • Withstand sea / salt spray requirements described in MIL-STD810E method 509.3 Procedure I.
  • Humidity: Withstand 10 cycles of exposure to 95% ±5% humidity at ambient temperatures of 20° C to 48.9°C per MIL-STD-810D, method 507.2, procedure III.
  • Dust: Withstand exposure to dust and blowing dust per MIL-STD-810D, Method 510.2, procedure I.
  • Electrical Environment: Survive in and comply with the electrical characteristics as specified in MIL-STD-1275.
  • EMI Compatibility: Comply with MIL-STD-461D, as defined below.
    • CE-102-Conducted Emissions.
    • CS-114-Conducted Susceptibility.
    • CS-116-Conducted Susceptibility.
    • RE-102-Radiated Emissions.
    • RS-103-Radiated Susceptibility

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